Bricscad 18.2

Creates 3D models of various sheet metal parts
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Design and modify the models of sheet metal parts in the dedicated development environment supporting CAD files in the DWG format and working with 2D editing and 3D modeling tools. The suite supports hierarchical organization of mechanical components.

Bricscad is like AutoCAD. But it doesn't require the huge memory or CPU power like AutoCAD. The main thing is that it is fully compatible with the AutoCAD .DWG files. So, this is quite convenient when the same project is done by more than one people who know AutoCAD.

Bricscad is a small program. But it includes amost all the features required for a CAD program. One advantage is that it is really more user friendly and easy to study compared to AutoCAD. The interface is quite neat.

It supports some file formats for importing, like Adobe Acrobat, MS Office objects, etc. But the 3D file formats supported are less. Well the problem is that there are a lot of formats which are quite different, created by different softwares. Also, different versions of the software create files not compatible with the other.

It also provides additional tools with advanced CAD features than AutoCAD.

The price is very less, compared to similar programs (AutoCAD $4,445).

One advice for Windows Vista users. You must run the program with administrative privileges (means, by running the program each time as an administrator, or disabling the UAC or the User Account Control).

Zack Martin
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  • Compatibility with AutoCAD .DWG files
  • Needs less Graphics capability than AutoCAD
  • Low cost


  • Less 3D file fomat supported for import
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